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Special Offer:


In-House Financing: $2000 Down*, $200 monthly payments
*may use your insurance for down payment

CareCredit Financing: No money down; 24 to 36 months financing

Advantages of Invisalign v.s. Traditional braces:

  • Clear retainers make it hard for others to know you are wearing them.
  • Invisalign is removable so it is easy and quick to take out before eating.
  • No brushing, flossing around metal brackets and wires, simply remove the aligners and your oral health routine is as easy as before.

The invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces.

Imagine Smiling with Straighter Teeth

The days of metal wires and brackets are over! Schedule a consultation with Ari Family Dental to improve your smile without braces!

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How Invisalign Works:

  • Invisalign uses a series of clear removable aligners to straighten your teeth without metal wires or brackets.
  • Dr. DiNapoli will take impressions and pictures from your teeth to along with Invisalign technology analyze your dentition and smile.
  • Next, a computer animation of your before and after dentition will be generated for both you and Dr. DiNapoli to evaluate and approve.
  • Once approved, The aligners are made through a combination of Dr. DiNapoli‘s expertise and 3-D computer imaging technology.
  • You wear each set of aligners for about 2 weeks, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss.
  • As you replace each aligner with the next in the series, your teeth will move – little by little, week by week – until they have straightened to the final position Dr. DiNapoli has prescribed.
  • You’ll visit Dr. DiNapoli about once every 4 weeks to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.
  • Total treatment time averages 9 – 18 months and the average number of aligners worn during treatment is between 18 and 36, but both will vary from case to case.
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